About "Foshan New Polymer Materials Engineering Technology Research Center"

2019-09-30 16:04:22 FOSHAN DAFU NEW MATERIAL CO.,LTD Read

“Foshan Polymer New Materials Engineering Technology Research Center” is a prefecture-level engineering technology research center approved by Foshan Municipal Government and invested by Cailong , dedicated to all kinds of high-barrier flexible packaging materials and super high-barrier packaging new materials, high-preservation and quality-preserving new packaging materials, metallized film ultra-thin uniform aluminum coating process, functional optical film new materials for display screens, new type of film materials for electronic components, polymer flexible conductive substrate technology, etc. Technical development and innovation of materials and coating materials.

Foshan Polymer New Materials Engineering Technology Research Center is composed of Cailong's technical backbone and industry experts, and has a group of top technical experts from industry and research institutes. The center has complete engineering research, development, design and testing device.

In the past three years, the center has launched 23 new products and new technology development projects, and invested more than 12 million RMB in research and development. Through technological innovation, Cailong successfully broke through a number of key technical problems and realized new technologies and products for enterprises. The industrial production provides mature supporting technology and equipment.

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