Dafu successfully completed the upgrade of PC/PMMA composite board production line from German

2019-09-30 15:59:23 FOSHAN DAFU NEW MATERIAL CO.,LTD Read

Recently, Dafu New Materials Co., Ltd. invested over 100 million USD again to upgrade the optical grade PC film/sheet production line imported from Germany in 2018, and add multi-cavity die and extrusion system with top technical performance. It has the technical ability to manufacture "PC/PMMA composite sheet" with excellent performance of various models.

The  production technology and engineering equipment team went all out, organized efficiently, carefully constructed, and successfully completed the construction tasks of the entire technical transformation project. The hardware and software engineers despatched from German also successfully completed the programming and debugging of the equipment control software.

After the technical upgrading of the imported composite board production line in Germany, it immediately entered the feeding operation, marking that the “PC/PMMA composite board ” product independently developed by Dafu New Materials Company entered the stage of mass production in high-end equipment.