5G - coming for you

2020-09-09 11:56:04 FOSHAN DAFU NEW MATERIAL CO.,LTD Read

At the end of August, when the market economy is recovering gradually, DAFU company arrived as scheduled and appeared in the third AIBANG CMPE  5G Terminal processing industry Chain Exhibition with high precision PC/PMMA composite film/sheet.


With the arrival of 5G, In order to ensure high-frequency communication signals and reduce the shielding effect of mobile phone shell on electromagnetic signals, DAFU, one of the leading manufacturer of plastic material industry, is facing the spring breeze and showing its new solution of 5G mobile phone back cover to new and old customers/peers: PC+PMMA optical film/sheet.


This kind of film is formed by co-extrusion of PC and PMMA materials, which can be divided into two layers of PC and PMMA structure.The PC layer with high modulus and good toughness provides sufficient rigidity and shock resistance for the rear cover of mobile phone.The PMMA layer gives the product the possibility to improve the scratch-resistant performance through the coating process.At the same time, due to its optical characteristics, high transparency, presents a good glass-like visual experience.


During the exhibition, in the face of PC+PMMA optical thin film/sheet problems raised by new and old customers, DAFU team provides customers with perfect 5G mobile phone back cover solutions with professional product knowledge and good pre-sales and after-sales service.