We will sure win in the fighting with COVID-19 corona virus

2020-02-29 09:47:11 FOSHAN DAFU NEW MATERIAL CO.,LTD Read

The Chinese nation has experienced many ordeals in its history, but it has never been overwhelmed. Instead, it has become more and more courageous, growing up and rising up from the hardships.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a major public health emergency that has spread in the fastest speed, caused the most extensive infection and is the most difficult to contain in the country since the founding of the People's Republic of China. This is both a crisis and a big test for us.

After arduous work, the positive trend in the prevention and control work is now expanding. It has been proven that the CPC Central Committee's judgment on the situation of the epidemic is accurate, all work arrangements are timely, and the measures taken are effective. The results of the prevention and control work have once again demonstrated the notable advantages of the leadership of the CPC and the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

No victory should be lightly announced until there is a complete win.







Our factory has further strengthened to prevent and control of the new type of cornavirus infect pneumonia. Deeply implement the policy of "prevention first, safety first", maintaining the resumption of production and normal production order, ensuring the health and safety of employees, then customized the company's epidemic prevention and control plan based on the actual situation:

Disinfection methods and frequency 


Ventilation every 2 hours, morning and evening disinfection 

2. Polycarbonate film sheet production Workshop

 Ventilation every 2 hours, morning and evening disinfection 

3.Public areas

Ventilation every 1 hour


Ventilation every 2 hours, morning and evening disinfection 

Disinfection:  Using 75% alcohol and 84 disinfectant on the ground, door and window handles, hand tools and the surface of cargos for spraying