The exhibition focuses on plastics and its important application areas, and quickly responds to market changes and needs. Entering the 5G era, 5G materials with low dielectric, easy heat dissipation, and electromagnetic shielding, such as 5G base station filters and special composite materials for PCB boards, low dielectric 5G antennas and LCP materials for 5G ultra-thin cooling fans, have shown their innovation strength this year.

New energy vehicles are in a booming trend, the materials with high-performance, antibacterial/bacteriostatic technology whic is suitable for new energy vehicle charging requirements, electronic components and equipment, etc. are highly sought after.

Environmental protection of packaging is imminent, post-consumer recycling and biodegradable plastics are very popular, and smart packaging solutions with functions such as instructions, preservation and user interaction are quite eye-catching.

In the medical field, the medical-grade and food-sanitary-grade materials which can be repeated steam sterilization and 3D printing are widely favored.

In addition, the building materials, sports and leisure sectors have also emerged with continuous innovation of plastic technology, shaping a better life for mankind.



On April 13, Foshan Dafu New Materials Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the Shenzhen 2021 CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition.

Foshan Dafu New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise of polycarbonate PC film/sheet, polymethyl methacrylate PMMA film/sheet, PC/PMMA two-layer composite sheet, and three-layer composite sheet, special engineering new materials such as polyether ether ketone PEEK film, liquid crystal polymer LCP film, etc. It is also one of the units that formulated China's "polycarbonate film and sheet" national standard-GB/T35450-2017.For many years, the company has adhered to the development path of independent brand, independent research and development, and independent innovation; determined to the market-oriented, technology-supported, and talent-based business philosophy.