Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition is a professional exhibition focusing on high value-added application industries to show the functional films, adhesive products and related equipment and materials. After 14 years development, it has accumulated over 200,000 industry high-quality buyers data. The 2021 exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (the old exhibition hall in Futian District) on October 19-21. It is expected to attract 40,000 technology R&D, purchasing personnel and business managers at home and abroad industries such as die cutting processing, touch/display panels, mobile phones/tablets, backlight modules, flexible circuit boards, home appliances, automotive assembly, medical beauty, photovoltaic/lithium battery, etc.  as well as more online professional visitors from the second space of the exhibition. Through Reed Exhibitions' unique TAP special buyer program, full business matching and comprehensive brand promotion services, companies can promote new products, establish brand images, expand new customers, conclude transactions and provide a face-to-face exchange and trade platform.

        Foshan Dafu New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of polycarbonate PC film/sheet, polymethyl methacrylate PMMA film/sheet, PC/PMMA two-layer composite film/sheet, and three-layer composite film/sheet. And high-tech enterprise of special engineering new materials such as polyether ether ketone PEEK film, liquid crystal polymer LCP film, etc. It is also one of the units that formulated China's "polycarbonate film and sheet" national standard-GB/T35450-2017 .


Product highlights:

PEEK film

PEEK film has high temperature resistance, light weight, excellent mechanical properties and durability, radiation resistance, hydrolysis resistance, chemical resistance, excellent electrical insulation and abrasion resistance and good flame retardancy, low toxicity of combustion products, low water absorption, halogen-free and good processing performance. Products are widely used in electrical insulation materials, pressure-sensitive tapes, printed circuit board substrates, high-temperature labels, high-speed motor gaskets, mobile phone hinge gaskets, soft surface heaters, aviation insulation materials, pressure sensor diaphragms, acoustic speaker diaphragms and thermal barrier materials for lead-free solder.


LCP film

LCP film is known as the "21st Century Super Engineering Film". It has special advantages such as low moisture absorption, good chemical resistance, high gas barrier properties, and low dielectric constant/dielectric loss factor (Dk/Df), which has attracted market attention and has the characteristics of a thermoplastic material that can be recycled and reused which can be thermally bonded directly with the copper foil. With the advent of the 5G era, the traditional epoxy-based copper clad laminates and polyimide-based copper clad laminates no longer meet the transmission performance requirements of 5G high-frequency, high-speed, ultra-large capacity and ultra-low latency. The LCP-based copper clad laminate is considered to be the key support material in the 5G commercial era due to its unique comprehensive performance advantages. The LCP film can therefore be widely used in different fields such as 5G mobile phone antennas, camera soft boards, laptop high-speed transmission lines and smart watch antennas.


Foshan Dafu New Material Co., Ltd. will meet you at Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition (October 19-21, 2021)     Booth No.: 1Z16